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Our two wee cats (Walter and Poppy) can be quite nervous and it was always a concern to leave them behind with anyone whilst on holiday. We tried a cattery on one occasion and this was too traumatic and we thought we’d never get a holiday together again. That was until we found Karen at City Whiskers who we can’t thank enough for the care and attention given to our cats. Karen not only fed and cleaned the litter trays, but would also spend time playing, getting to know them and ultimately building their trust. She would send regular updates including photos as to how they were both doing and this really put our mind as ease. We’re all desperate for the next holiday and Walter & Poppy can’t wait to see Auntie Karen again 🙂 From David and Colette August 2018

The service provided by Karen at Citywhiskers is excellent. We would not hesitate to use again or recommend to others. Karen is caring and had a genuine interest in the wellbeing and happiness of our cat when we were on holiday. Karen took the time to visit our home in advance of the care arrangement and to understand the routine, likes and dislikes of our precious cat. When we were on holiday, Karen provided regular updates along with photographs of our cat. Which was lovely and a really nice touch. With her extensive knowledge and experience of cats it was very reassuring to know that Karen would look after our cat to a very high standard and that’s exactly what she did. Overall the service was outstanding! We would have no hesitation in trusting Karen to look after our cat again. From Danielle, Stephen & Cinder; the cat, July 18

Karen (Citywhiskers) have been looking after Hamish and Lucy since 2012, and Sooky since she joined the family  at end of 2016.  Citywhiskers are absolutely wonderful, and the cats, who can be quite timid with strangers, all took to Karen straight away.  It’s great to have someone looking after the cats who genuinely loves them, and spends time playing with them. Although I hate leaving them, I can always relax knowing that they are in safe hands. They are not even in a huff when I come home! Karen sends email updates and photos so that I can see that all is well.  She also closes curtains, puts out the bins etc, which gives that added reassurance that the house looks occupied while I am away. All I can say is that I wish I’d found her sooner! Have recommended her to friends who also thought she was fantastic!  I’d rate her service 5 out of 5! Thanks, Auntie Karen from Hamish, Lucy and Sooky (and Moyra) x,  May 17

Karen (Citywhiskers) have looked after my five quirky cats on numerous occasions over the past year. Initially recommended to me by my vet, Karen has proved herself time and time again to be the perfect person to take care of my mixed bag of rescue kitties and her attention to detail means that I can go on my trips knowing that my cats are in excellent hands and remain happy, cosy and settled in their own home. Indeed, no challenge was too big as my first job for Karen was to look after the cats for 6 weeks! It was a huge ask, especially since three of the cats had only recently arrived from living with me overseas and the other two had just come to live with us after a family bereavement. Not an easy task by any means but Karen did a fantastic job and in a short time got to know and understand each and every one of their little characters and quirks. I returned from Australia 6 weeks later to five happy chilled cats. Even when, in the last week, Molly went missing for a few days Karen was on the case, posting photos in the local area and getting messages out through her work with Cat Protection, Glasgow Branch. It paid off and Molly returned shortly after having cheekily gone to stay with a neighbour across the road! Since then Karen has been back to look after my wee kitties on countless occasions as I venture off here and there. I love getting the regular email updates and photos, as it’s so reassuring to see their wee furry faces when I’m so far away. I cannot recommend Karen highly enough and working with her has given me the freedom to travel in the knowledge that my wee fur babies are happy, safe and cared for. (Thank you from Molly, Barney, Henry, Rosie, Ellie and me (Jackie) , July 16
We have used Citywhiskers three times over the past year to look after our cats Percy and Polly, and we cannot recommend them highly enough. We love the email updates, and the photos of our cats being kept entertained! Karen always goes beyond our expectation – for example, changing the litter when necessary- all of which gives us peace of mind while we’re away. Knowing that all is well, lets us get on with enjoying our holiday. (Sam, Lynne and Amelia, April 16)
Our little tortoiseshell Katie passed away last week at the ripe old age of 24 and half years. For the last six or so years, during our quite frequent absences from home, Katie, has been taken care of by Karen and her husband. I have no superlatives to describe Karen’s wonderful service, we have been extremely lucky to find Citywhiskers. Not only was the house always beautifully tidy on our return, mail collected and neatly stacked, rubbish recycled, birds and the garden fox fed, but Katie always seemed to me slicker and having a shinier coat than when we left her, clearly very content in our absence. We are also tremendously grateful to Karen for her detailed reports and snaps of the cat she regularly e-mailed us in places as far away as Ghana and South Africa. When my mother died and I had to rush away at a short notice, Karen very sympathetically stepped in, which was a blessing. I have many stories to tell of Karen’s resourcefulness and good will, far, far beyond a care contract. It is important to add that not only is she a professional with a thorough knowledge of all aspects of cat care, but she also has a lot of genuine, heart-felt affection for cats, and it always seemed to me that there was a deep understanding between Karen and Katie. And of course we are ever so grateful for Karen’s advice and compassion in the last stages of Katie’s life, when difficult decisions had to be taken. An enormous Thank You from Esther and myself (Michael, Dec15)
I have used City Whiskers to look after my rather difficult and stroppy cat for several years now. I tried other sitters but I just did not ever feel as safe as when City Whiskers were looking after her. They really are the Gold Standard of cat sitting. Keisha was happy as a kitten on my return. I had regular update emails and pictures which just made my holidays. City Whiskers also keeps a detailed log of Keisha’s activities and health during visits which shows great reliability and efficiency. I have them booked for my next two breaks and don’t plan to go to anyone else to look after my fur baby. They really are the best. Hayley (I second that, Keisha the Cat x)
Karen has been looking after my cats, Cassius and Stella for the last two years and before then, my wonderful cat Greta for two years. All of them took to her immediately which provides great peace of mind when you’re going away. She takes the time to understand their routine their likes and dislikes and sends regular emails and photos so I know that everything is OK. Karen is professional in her approach and has always been flexible enough to cater for last minute requests! I highly recommend City Whiskers and the service Karen provides. I would rate my experiences of using Citywhiskers as 5 out of 5. Excellent service. Lally
We were very nervous about leaving Sweetpea in the house, but were reluctant to use a cattery, because she was a rescue cat. CityWhiskers is a great service, because we could relax knowing that Sweetpea was being well looked after both physically and emotionally. The timings of the visits were perfect for Sweetpea and kept her in a consistent routine. We received regular updates and pictures which really put our minds at ease. I would recommend this service to anyone who wants to reduce the stress of going on holiday for both them and their cat. We would rate Citywhiskers as 5 out of 5 for an excellent service. Jacqui and Scott
My name is Chivers (handsome marmalade boy), I moved in with my Aunt and Uncle about 18 months ago. My owner is often out and I decided that the people 2 doors along were about more often to act as my Doorkeeper, Gate Opener, suppliers of food and cuddles. I gradually took up residence with my owners blessing. While my servants were away, they arranged for Karen (Citywhiskers) to look after me — I was looked after very well; Karen gave me a new toy, and also left the radio on for me. My people got texts on how I was and also came back to a daily log about my activities while they were away. They were absolutely delighted at the service Karen provided – so professional and caring, and will not have to worry when they are away. Karen really is the Cats Whiskers! Eddie and Nancy
I have used Citywhiskers numerous times over the past year. Tiddles can be quite anxious around strangers, however from the moment Karen met him he seemed comfortable with her. I have had no qualms leaving Tiddles in her capable hands. Citywhiskers has helped me out at short notice, when I have been stuck. Karen constantly maintains communication with me when I am away, which is very reassuring. Aside from Cat Sitting, Karen has also been a great source of advice and guidance around how best to care for Tiddles. I greatly appreciate the professional run service Karen and Citywhiskers provide and I would happily recommend her. I would rate Citywhiskers 5 out of 5, Excellent. Katie
My cat, Lonesome can sometimes be a little nervous and grumpy around strangers. Not so with Karen. He really liked her and this made me feel assured that he was in safe hands. I’ve used Citywhiskers a few times and am glad to say I will again. Karen is professional and courteous, and clearly very knowledgeable about cats. I loved the fact that she sends me pictures of Lonesome on her visits and writes up feedback how he was during the visits. Lonesome is always very happy and content when I return. It is also good to know that someone is popping in and looking after my house while I am away too. I would rate Citywhiskers a 5 out of 5 – an Excellent Service. Tania
Citywhiskers was great looking after Sylvie. I liked the regular updates when I was away and seeing pictures of Sylvie looking well. On return I had a full log of Karen’s visits and details of how Sylvie was during my holiday. Citywhiskers is a great service and I feel so much better using this service than putting Sylvie into a cattery. I would not hesitate to recommend Citywhiskers. Nigel
It is always a bit daunting to hand over your house keys to a stranger but after Karen’s first visit, we felt confident in doing so. We have now used Citywhiskers 4 times and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Karen comes across as a genuine cat lover, so we have never doubted the care and attention given to our cat. Citywhiskers is a friendly, reliable and flexible cat sitting service. Debbie and Brad
Citywhiskers, Karen genuinely cares about our cats and is proactive in ensuring all their welfare needs are met in our absence. Alma and Mike
We arrived home safely, in the early hours of the morning and received a great welcome from Coco and Buttons. We were delighted with Citywhiskers. It was great getting email updates and pictures; particularly given we were worried about leaving them for so long and hadn’t used a cat sitter before. It was also good reading a summary of the visits when we got home. We were also grateful for all the cleaning up Citywhiskers did, we weren’t expecting that. Scott and Gillian
For the first time we’ve had our cats (Sandy, Tilly and Jane) looked after by a professional cat sitting company. Citywhiskers looked after our cats while we were away in NYC. It was an excellent decision, we were emailed pictures, every couple of days along with an update of what they had been getting up to. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone in the Glasgow Area who is looking for something similar for their cats while they are way on holiday. Frank and myself are still convinced that the owner, Karen sprayed herself with catnip (although she promised us she never) before she visited us, as the cats were all over her the couple of times they met her before we went on our holiday! Stuart and Frank