CityWhiskers visit provides the following services as standard care for your cat included in the price quoted:

  • 30 Minute visit
  • Administering Medications including Diabetic Injections*
  • Feeding and providing Fresh Water
  • Cleaning and Changing/Freshening litter
  • Playing and spending time with cats
  • Basic Grooming and Keeping a daily log of the visits.
  • Text/ Email/Whats app or facebook messages with pictures updates  to let you know how your cats are!
  • Picking up mail, putting bins out,  watering plants and opening and shutting curtains etc.

*Citywhiskers has over 14 years personal experience living with Insulin dependent diabetes and administering injections. Tommy, lived with diabetes for 3 years passed away aged Ten (31st August 2010) and Jammy (from Cats Protection) had diabetes for 4 years was PTS at aged Eleven (17th December 2011).